At Dong Tam furniture factory, raw wood resources are always ready in large enough quantities to promptly meet the needs of customers as well as other woodworking facilities across the country. . Dong Tam is not only a manufacturer of wooden furniture products but also a lover of beautifying wood imported to Vietnam from all over the world.

Local wood species in Southeast Asia such as Go Do, Rosewood, Huong, Gia Ty, Cam Xe, Trai, Chieu Lieu, Thong Bamboo, Muong Vang, Melaleuca... to types imported from other continents Other local varieties such as Ghana Wood, Pachy Wood, Paduk Huong, Walnut, Tali, Dilen, Mun... are types of Dong Tam wood that are always available to serve the design and production of furniture. The furniture has its own brand and is also a supplier of finished materials for other woodworking facilities across the provinces that need it at the most suitable price.

The diversity of wood types that the Dong Tam brand owns is a passion as well as a source of inspiration in the art of creation and manufacturing.

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